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These prices are meant only as a guide both of the cost and the number of treatments required. We always provide a free consultation to discuss prices on an individual basis.

Hair grows in three cycles so for permanent hair clearance, 3 sessions are usually required.

Treatments often available on same day if requested.

Laser Prices (per treatment)

Hair removal 

Chin from £80

Sides of face from £100

Neck from £90

Bikini line from £90

Half leg from £150

Full leg from £250

Under arms from £120

Full back from  £200

Skin Rejuvenation and tightening

Face from £200 (1-3 treatments

Face and neck from £300

Acne treatment

Face from £100

Area of body from £150

Pigmented lesions

Small area from £80

Medium area from £120

Large area from £200

Nail Fungus

One toe from £100

Whole foot from £200

one hand from £200

Spider veins

Face from £80

Legs from £120


Face from £180

Warts and verrucas from £50

Scar revision and stretch marks 

From £80

Ulcer and wound healing (1-4 sessions required)

Small area from £150

Medium area from £200

Large area from £250


Price on request

Aqualyx treatments (per treatment)

From £250 (2-6 treatments usually required)


Wrinkle reduction
reduce the appearance and development of fine lines and wrinkles

1 area from £120

2 areas £200

3 areas £250

treatment for excessive sweating hands, feet, axillae(arm pits) £350

Upper lip £199

Injectable non- permanent dermal Fillers

Thin lips from £190

Smokers lines £150

Downturned mouth correction £150

Eye bags/tear troughs from £250

Brow lift £150

Soften mouth folds/marionette lines £250

Mid-face non surgical lift from £300

Lower face non surgical face lift from £300


‘melts’ stubborn areas of fat.

£250 per area
(Double chin | ‘Bingo wings’ | ‘Love handles’ | Inner thighs approx.10cm x 10cm)